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LEAGUE: 2019 Mystery Tournament - 70's League #1

Player Set: The '70s Game
Skill Level: Advanced
Draft type: Auto List Draft
Salary Cap: $80,000,000
FA Drop Penalty: 5/10/20% [?]
DH Rule: no
Waivers: yes
Postseason Format: 2 rounds: Best-of-5, Best-of-7
Opening Day: Monday, Feb. 18, 2019
Managers may own multiple teams: no

East Division

Fenway Park

Pitchers T P $M
Peterson, F. L P 5.32M
Tiant, L. R P 4.11M
Perry, J. R P 3.74M
Lee, B. L P 3.62M
Denny, J. R P 3.06M
Lacorte, F. R P .75M
Burgmeier, T. L P 1.44M
Gogolewski, B. R P .75M
Scherman, F. L P .75M
York, J. R P .75M
Hitters B P $M
Dietz, D. R C 5.58M
Edwards, J. L C .75M
Etchebarren, A. R C .75M
Allen, D. R 1B 7.80M
Cruz, J. S 2B 1.21M
Harmon, T. R 2B .75M
Schmidt, M. R 3B 9.13M
Burleson, R. R SS 3.89M
Brinkman, E. R SS .75M
Howard, F. R LF 3.77M
Howard, W. S LF .75M
North, B. S CF 3.20M
Burroughs, J. R RF 6.29M
Gross, G. L RF 2.55M
Roster Total 71.46M
Cash .01M
Total Value 71.47M

Twisted Few (80-82)
Fulton County Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Richard, J. R P 6.87M
Singer, B. R P 5.81M
Ruhle, V. R P 2.15M
Wilcox, M. R P 1.32M
Owchinko, B. L P .82M
Espinosa, N. R P .75M
Crawford, J. L P .75M
Gladding, F. R P 2.03M
Ray, J. R P 1.36M
Miller, D. R P .78M
Hitters B P $M
Simmons, T. S C 7.23M
Rader, D. L C .75M
McCovey, W. L 1B 5.46M
Kusick, C. R 1B 1.25M
Muser, T. L 1B .75M
Millan, F. R 2B 2.94M
Thomas, D. S 2B .75M
Reitz, K. R 3B 2.04M
Metzger, R. S SS 1.82M
Auerbach, R. R SS .75M
Williams, B. L LF 6.11M
Collins, D. S LF 1.04M
Monday, R. L CF 5.04M
Jackson, R. L RF 9.15M
Roster Total 67.72M
Cash .10M
Total Value 67.82M

Mystery Machine II (80-82)
Shea Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Guidry, R. L P 7.95M
Rhoden, R. R P 3.26M
Cleveland, R. R P 2.43M
Stone, S. R P 2.35M
Krausse, L. R P .75M
Brewer, J. L P 4.70M
Locker, B. R P 2.90M
Watt, E. R P 2.24M
Taylor, C. R P 2.16M
Hitters B P $M
Parrish, L. R C 3.37M
Borgmann, G. R C .75M
Cooper, C. L 1B 6.13M
Carty, R. R 1B 4.38M
Biittner, L. L 1B .75M
Andrews, M. R 2B 3.98M
Popovich, P. S 2B .92M
Sizemore, T. R 2B .75M
Bell, B. R 3B 4.49M
Bowa, L. S SS 3.98M
Gamble, O. L LF 3.51M
McRae, H. R LF 3.29M
Lowenstein, J. L LF 1.63M
Wohlford, J. R LF .75M
Adams, G. L LF .75M
Jones, R. L CF 4.56M
Roster Total 72.73M
Cash .44M
Total Value 73.17M

Halifax Pipers (71-91)
Cleveland Municipal

Pitchers T P $M
Wright, C. L P 4.88M
Forsch, K. R P 4.59M
Renko, S. R P 3.69M
Gura, L. L P 3.14M
Moret, R. L P 2.64M
Garber, G. R P 3.12M
Hrabosky, A. L P 3.04M
Frisella, D. R P 2.76M
Littell, M. R P 2.68M
Romo, E. R P 2.28M
Hitters B P $M
Sanguillen, M. R C 3.88M
Ashby, A. S C 1.27M
Kendall, F. R C .75M
Alou, M. L 1B 4.03M
Jackson, R. R 1B 2.42M
Remy, J. L 2B 2.13M
Griffin, D. R 2B 1.09M
Harrah, T. R SS 4.98M
Cardenas, L. R SS 2.50M
Brown, L. R SS .75M
May, C. L LF 3.80M
Mota, M. R LF 2.63M
Agee, T. R CF 4.39M
Martin, J. R CF 3.24M
Roster Total 70.68M
Cash .14M
Total Value 70.82M

Central Division

Tomsk Condors (94-68)
Fulton County Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Koosman, J. L P 6.79M
McGlothlin, J. R P 1.90M
Odom, B. R P 1.68M
Drago, D. R P 1.47M
Griffin, T. R P 1.14M
Miller, B. R P 2.16M
Johnson, B. R P .95M
Stanhouse, D. R P .75M
Heaverlo, D. R P .75M
Culver, G. R P .75M
McClure, B. L P .75M
Hitters B P $M
Fisk, C. R C 7.55M
Oates, J. L C .75M
Thornton, A. R 1B 7.68M
Johnson, D. R 2B 4.52M
Ontiveros, S. S 3B 2.40M
Stein, B. R 3B .75M
Yount, R. R SS 2.92M
Alley, G. R SS 2.01M
Maxvill, D. R SS .75M
Yastrzemski, C. L LF 8.64M
Stahl, L. L LF .75M
Cedeno, C. R CF 9.59M
Aaron, H. R RF 8.24M
Roster Total 75.64M
Cash 1.61M
Total Value 77.25M

Team With a Meta Name (83-79)

Pitchers T P $M
Hands, B. R P 5.42M
Kaat, J. L P 4.94M
Rozema, D. R P 3.74M
Kison, B. R P 2.44M
Hassler, A. L P 1.41M
Keough, M. R P 1.24M
Greif, B. R P .75M
Hiller, J. L P 3.11M
Sanders, K. R P 2.79M
Linzy, F. R P 1.83M
Hamilton, D. L P 1.07M
Hitters B P $M
Downing, B. R C 3.29M
Dempsey, R. R C 2.56M
Parker, W. S 1B 5.41M
Hutton, T. L 1B 2.95M
Randolph, W. R 2B 4.97M
Robinson, B. R 3B 4.57M
Garrett, W. L 3B 1.77M
Aparicio, L. R SS 2.96M
Kessinger, D. S SS 1.47M
Carbo, B. L LF 4.69M
Clines, G. R LF 1.25M
Staub, R. L RF 5.19M
Cardenal, J. R RF 4.52M
Roster Total 74.34M
Cash .15M
Total Value 74.49M

Super Naut (80-82)
Anaheim Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Palmer, J. R P 7.56M
Ryan, N. R P 7.38M
Nolan, G. R P 6.46M
Osteen, C. L P 4.84M
Burris, R. R P .75M
Richert, P. L P 2.63M
Knowles, D. L P 2.27M
Sosa, E. R P 1.93M
Walker, T. R P 1.10M
Hitters B P $M
Munson, T. R C 5.40M
Casanova, P. R C .75M
Carew, R. L 1B 7.49M
Flynn, D. R 2B 1.55M
Clarke, H. S 2B .75M
Bailey, B. R 3B 4.55M
Concepcion, D. R SS 5.51M
Wills, M. S SS .75M
Lanier, H. R SS .75M
Piniella, L. R LF 2.84M
Dwyer, J. L LF 2.79M
Bumbry, A. L LF 2.53M
Alou, J. R LF .75M
Davis, W. L CF 7.21M
Brye, S. R CF 1.31M
Roster Total 79.85M
Cash .15M
Total Value 80.00M

Rasberry Beret (62-100)
Veteran's Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Jarvis, P. R P 5.41M
Siebert, S. R P 3.98M
Gentry, G. R P 3.41M
Fitzmorris, A. R P 2.35M
Twitchell, W. R P 1.07M
Schueler, R. R P .94M
Butler, B. L P .75M
Hilgendorf, T. L P 2.18M
Rodriguez, E. R P 1.24M
Tomlin, D. L P .75M
McLaughlin, B. R P .75M
Hitters B P $M
Bench, J. R C 9.62M
Wockenfuss, J. R C 1.35M
Montanez, W. L 1B 3.53M
Lacock, P. L 1B 1.59M
Trillo, M. R 2B 1.32M
Valentine, B. R 2B .75M
Parrish, L. R 3B 1.87M
Russell, B. R SS 3.19M
Jackson, S. L SS .75M
Zisk, R. R LF 4.30M
Holt, J. L LF .75M
Geronimo, C. L CF 4.28M
Oliva, T. L RF 5.15M
Washington, C. L RF 1.84M
Roster Total 63.12M
Cash .27M
Total Value 63.39M

West Division

Uncle's 76'ers (93-69)
Comiskey Park

Pitchers T P $M
Hunter, J. R P 7.47M
Blue, V. L P 6.62M
Cuellar, M. L P 4.78M
Pattin, M. R P 2.67M
Pappas, M. R P 2.20M
Travers, B. L P 1.82M
Moskau, P. R P .75M
Hoerner, J. L P 2.64M
Granger, W. R P 1.56M
Cox, C. R P 1.27M
Borbon, P. R P 1.04M
Hitters B P $M
Rodriguez, E. R C 3.52M
Swisher, S. R C .75M
Cash, D. R 2B 3.86M
Royster, J. R 2B .75M
Madlock, B. R 3B 5.48M
Petrocelli, R.  I R 3B 3.62M
Taveras, F. R SS .75M
Foli, T. R SS .75M
Brock, L. L LF 4.12M
Oliver, A. L CF 6.63M
Maddox, G. R CF 5.56M
Joshua, V. L CF 1.64M
Cruz, J. L RF 6.11M
Roster Total 76.36M
Cash .14M
Total Value 76.50M

Hobo 13 Tourney Raiders (86-76)
Fulton County Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Sutton, D. R P 8.13M
Wood, W. L P 7.35M
Billingham, J. R P 2.74M
Colborn, J. R P 2.59M
Kravec, K. L P 1.28M
Gossage, R. R P 4.53M
Castro, B. R P 1.76M
Garman, M. R P 1.68M
Wilson, B. R P 1.59M
Todd, J. R P .80M
Hitters B P $M
Sims, D. L C 3.88M
Josephson, D. R C .75M
Scott, G. R 1B 5.57M
Scott, R. S 2B .75M
Doyle, D. L 2B .75M
Dillard, S. R 2B .75M
Rodriguez, A. R 3B 1.89M
Dejesus, I. R SS 1.75M
Stanley, F. R SS .75M
Stargell, W. L LF 7.93M
Robinson, B. R LF 6.01M
Henderson, K. S LF 5.44M
Lee, L. L LF .88M
May, D. L RF 3.06M
Roster Total 72.61M
Cash .44M
Total Value 73.05M

Pizza Rolls (86-76)
Yankee Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Carlton, S. L P 7.24M
Stottlemyre, M. R P 6.76M
Reuss, J. L P 5.81M
Wise, R. R P 4.11M
Capra, B. R P 1.46M
Lyle, S. L P 4.01M
Tekulve, K. R P 2.88M
Bair, D. R P 1.44M
Segui, D. R P 1.29M
Hitters B P $M
Boone, B. R C 3.33M
Martinez, B. R C .87M
Aikens, W. L 1B 6.40M
Stennett, R. R 2B 2.80M
Wills, B. S 2B 1.43M
Nelson, D. R 2B .75M
Andrews, R. R 2B .75M
Chalk, D. R 3B 1.18M
Fregosi, J. R SS 3.64M
Speier, C. R SS 2.78M
Rose, P. S LF 6.68M
Marshall, D. L LF .95M
Lynn, F. L CF 8.46M
Johnstone, J. L RF 3.86M
Bailor, B. R RF .75M
Roster Total 79.63M
Cash .06M
Total Value 79.69M

Riverfront Stadium

Pitchers T P $M
Messersmith, A. R P 7.00M
Jenkins, F. R P 6.97M
Perry, G. R P 6.58M
Lonborg, J. R P 2.24M
Abbott, G. R P .75M
Fingers, R. R P 4.00M
Nelson, R. R P 2.89M
Lindblad, P. L P 2.35M
Hausman, T. R P 1.14M
Brandon, B. R P .75M
Hitters B P $M
Stearns, J. R C 4.85M
Haller, T. L C 1.70M
Correll, V. R C .75M
Randle, L. S 2B .94M
Evans, D. L 3B 3.88M
Pagan, J. R 3B 1.84M
Kennedy, J. R 3B .75M
Belanger, M. R SS 3.74M
Kemp, S. L LF 4.24M
Grieve, T. R LF .75M
Mays, W. R CF 6.55M
Scott, T. S CF .75M
Robinson, F. R RF 5.91M
Singleton, K. S RF 5.03M
Roster Total 76.35M
Cash .18M
Total Value 76.53M

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