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LEAGUE: Auto League 443442

Player Set: ATG 8
Skill Level: Standard
Draft type: Auto List Draft
Salary Cap: $80,000,000
FA Drop Penalty: 5/10/20% [?]
DH Rule: no
Waivers: yes
Postseason Format: 2 rounds: Best-of-7, Best-of-7
Opening Day: Monday, Mar. 9, 2020
Managers may own multiple teams: no

This is an automatically-generated league into which managers selecting the "Join an Auto League" option are automatically placed.

East Division

Tasty Joe's Chinese Diner (92-70)
Tropicana Field '05

Pitchers T P $M
Conley, G. (1959)  I R P 6.50M
Ring, J. (1919) R P 5.99M
Cone, D. (1997) R P 4.84M
Bridges, T. (1940) R P 4.03M
Hendrix, C. (1916) R P 3.50M
Myers, R. (1990) L P 3.16M
Mantei, M. (2003) R P 2.73M
Henke, T. (1992) R P 1.76M
DiPino, F. (1986) L P 1.00M
Sherry, L. (1964) R P .85M
Hitters B P $M
Howard, E. (1962) R C 3.48M
Early, J. (1942) L C .52M
Bonura, Z. (1937) R 1B 5.87M
Vidro, J. (2000) S 2B 3.33M
Bernazard, T. (1980) S 2B .50M
Mathews, E. (1953) L 3B 8.00M
Aurilia, R. (2001) R SS 6.42M
Reynolds, C. (1986) L SS .55M
Davis, T. (1962) R LF 4.34M
Linares, R. (1982) R LF .71M
Cardenal, J. (1980) R LF .58M
Crawford, S. (1909) L CF 4.88M
Watkins, G. (1930) L RF 5.46M
Collins, S. (1917) R RF .53M
Roster Total 79.53M
Cash .04M
Total Value 79.57M

Treasure Coast Hammerheads (74-88)
Forbes Field '65

Pitchers T P $M
deGrom, J. (2018) R P 9.78M
Jackson, D. (1988) L P 7.25M
Hands, B. (1971) R P 3.82M
Passeau, C. (1941) R P 3.20M
Caldwell, R. (1920) R P .94M
O'Dell, B. (1965) L P 4.24M
Drabowsky, M. (1966) R P 2.30M
Arroyo, L. (1957) L P .74M
Burns, T. (1990) R P .66M
Hitters B P $M
Alomar Jr., S. (1997) R C 5.75M
McGuire, D. (1901) R C 1.04M
McGwire, M. (1999) R 1B 9.54M
Counsell, C. (1997) L 2B 1.87M
Duncan, M. (1990) R 2B 1.05M
Martinez, T. (1977) R 2B .97M
Traynor, P. (1923) R 3B 5.87M
Appling, L. (1937) R SS 4.23M
Foli, T. (1979) R SS .62M
McRae, H. (1976) R LF 2.90M
Piniella, L. (1969) R LF .96M
Leflore, R. (1980) R LF .77M
Williams, C. (1923) L CF 3.86M
Chapman, B. (1939) R CF 1.93M
Webb, E. (1931) L RF 5.00M
Roster Total 79.29M
Cash .01M
Total Value 79.30M

Philly 543s (71-91)
Polo Grounds '41

Pitchers T P $M
Turner, J. (1940) R P 4.98M
Sparks, T. (1904) R P 4.38M
Cooper, W. (1924) L P 3.14M
Underwood, T. (1975) L P 2.99M
Coleman, J. (1883) R P .54M
Beggs, J. (1940) R P 2.42M
Madson, R. (2004) R P 2.38M
Agosto, J. (1988) L P 1.82M
Burgmeier, T. (1975) L P 1.81M
Roebuck, E. (1957) R P 1.40M
Hoerner, J. (1970) L P 1.31M
Hitters B P $M
Blanchard, J. (1961) L C 3.74M
Montero, M. (2011) L C 3.22M
Triandos, G. (1964) R C 1.02M
Howard, R. (2006) L 1B 6.88M
Utley, C. (2008) L 2B 5.86M
Scott, R. (1979) S 2B 1.87M
Schmidt, M. (1977) R 3B 8.52M
Bowa, L. (1977) S SS 2.87M
Youngblood, J. (1981) R LF 4.23M
Kuntz, R. (1984) R LF 2.15M
Cerv, B. (1957) R LF .80M
Granderson, C. (2007) L CF 5.16M
Birmingham, J. (1907) R CF .94M
Roster Total 74.43M
Cash .00M
Total Value 74.43M

Birchdale Wizards (70-92)
Hilltop Park '11

Pitchers T P $M
Pfiester, J. (1907) L P 7.06M
Peters, G. (1966) L P 6.34M
Mendez, J. (1920) R P 5.30M
Duren, R. (1958) R P 3.94M
Williams, T. (NeL) R P 3.54M
Eckersley, D. (1990) R P 5.44M
Fox, T. (1961) R P 3.63M
Humphreys, B. (1964) R P 2.73M
Hernandez, R. (1974) L P 2.03M
Works, R. (1909) R P 1.68M
Hitters B P $M
Simmons, T. (1982) S C 2.01M
Boone, B. (1973) R C .96M
Cepeda, O. (1959) R 1B 4.52M
Sweeney, M. (2002) R 1B 4.28M
Jordan, B. (1935) L 1B .80M
Sax, S. (1983) R 2B .66M
Taylor, T. (1962) R 2B .58M
Reese, P. (1951) R SS 3.10M
Long, H. (1900) L SS .56M
Carty, R. (1970) R LF 5.20M
Wagner, L. (1966) L LF .95M
Wasdell, J. (1942) L LF .74M
Spilborghs, R. (2007) R CF 2.26M
Bauer, H. (1950) R RF 2.86M
Roster Total 71.17M
Cash .07M
Total Value 71.24M

Central Division

Dark Horse (96-66)
Forbes Field '57

Pitchers T P $M
Maddux, G. (1995) R P 11.30M
Alexander, P. (1915) R P 10.99M
Koufax, S. (1964) L P 10.22M
Hill, K. (1992) R P 4.29M
Sellers, J. (1986) R P .52M
Lerch, R. (1982) L P .50M
Lefferts, C. (1984) L P 2.78M
Reardon, J. (1982) R P 2.39M
Plunk, E. (1988) R P 1.23M
Hitters B P $M
Grote, J. (1970) R C .90M
Borders, P. (1993) R C .57M
Siebert, D. (1942) L 1B .63M
Durham, R. (1998) S 2B 3.03M
Fuentes, T. (1975) S 2B .54M
Orta, J. (1977) L 2B .53M
Johnson, D. (1944) R 2B .52M
Weaver, B. (1919) R 3B 2.92M
Aybar, E. (2009) S SS 3.41M
Koenig, M. (1927) S SS .59M
Raines, T. (1986) S LF 7.29M
Ashburn, R. (1958) L CF 4.86M
Snodgrass, F. (1911) R CF 3.02M
Rucker, J. (1944) L CF .63M
Rice, S. (1924) L RF 4.34M
Roster Total 78.00M
Cash .02M
Total Value 78.02M

Canuck Bandits VIII (84-78)
Forbes Field '09

Pitchers T P $M
Hahn, N. (1903) L P 6.46M
Donovan, W. (1902) R P 5.98M
Fitzsimmons, F. (1934) R P 5.57M
Mogridge, G. (1924) L P 4.48M
Tunnell, L. (1987) R P .50M
Garber, G. (1982) R P 3.45M
Robinson, H. (1915) L P 2.87M
Tomlin, D. (1977) L P 2.05M
Linzy, F. (1972) R P .99M
Hitters B P $M
Nicosia, S. (1979) R C 1.34M
Wagner, H. (1946) L C .87M
Fain, F. (1950) L 1B 4.21M
Rossman, C. (1909) L 1B .54M
Sweeney, B. (1911) R 2B 5.78M
Randolph, W. (1990) R 2B .54M
Kell, G. (1950) R 3B 5.90M
Stock, M. (1924) R 3B .50M
Pesky, J. (1946) L SS 6.12M
Taveras, F. (1977) R SS .50M
Falk, B. (1926) L LF 7.13M
Whitman, D. (1950) L LF .60M
Stainback, T. (1940) R LF .50M
Kuenn, H. (1959) R RF 6.61M
Rose, P. (1968) S RF 6.34M
Roster Total 79.83M
Cash .05M
Total Value 79.88M

Detroit Express III (81-81)
Sportsman's Pk NL '41

Pitchers T P $M
Grove, L. (1930) L P 6.84M
Currie, R. (NeL) R P 2.29M
Gura, L. (1982) L P 1.97M
Caldwell, M. (1980) L P 1.00M
Rueter, K. (1994) L P .65M
Marshall, M. (1974) R P 3.06M
Liska, A. (1932) R P 2.02M
Packard, G. (1916) L P 1.34M
Scott, T. (1994) R P 1.06M
Hitters B P $M
Ott, E. (1979) L C .92M
Fletcher, D. (1994) L C .80M
McCovey, W. (1969) L 1B 9.31M
Lemke, M. (1993) S 2B .97M
Cruz, J. (1978) S 2B .93M
Caminiti, K. (1992) S 3B 3.70M
Nettles, G. (1984) L 3B 1.58M
Lloyd, P. (NeL) L SS 7.49M
Bartell, D. (1940) R SS .50M
Bonds, B. (2001) L LF 14.54M
Jackson, J. (1906) R LF .73M
Francona, T. (1963) L LF .50M
Alou, J. (1973) R LF .50M
Thomas, R. (1902) L CF 3.17M
Klein, C. (1932) L RF 7.56M
Roster Total 73.43M
Cash .41M
Total Value 73.84M

Scituate Somnambulists (81-81)
Kauffman Stdm 1999

Pitchers T P $M
Ewing, B. (1904) R P 5.45M
Pineiro, J. (2001) R P 4.96M
Henry, B. (1994) L P 3.56M
Goltz, D. (1976) R P 3.48M
Kazmir, S. (2008) L P 3.25M
Hughes, T. (1916) R P 3.98M
Harvey, B. (1993) R P 2.85M
Clear, M. (1979) R P .98M
Brabender, G. (1966) R P .93M
Hitters B P $M
Wilson, D. (2001) R C 1.76M
Bradley, S. (1988) L C .59M
Carew, R. (1982) L 1B 2.91M
Howell, R. (1982) L 1B .50M
Reynolds, H. (1989) S 2B 3.39M
Doyle, D. (1970) L 2B .50M
Martinez, E. (1992) R 3B 5.80M
Beck, C. (1929) R 3B .50M
Rodriguez, A. (1996) R SS 9.70M
Sand, H. (1926) R SS .54M
Jackson, J. (1919) L LF 7.16M
Gipson, C. (2001) R LF .50M
Mays, W. (1965) R CF 11.69M
Paciorek, T. (1980) R RF .67M
Marshall, W. (1955) L RF .50M
Roster Total 76.15M
Cash .02M
Total Value 76.17M

West Division

Dothan Express (87-75)
League Park '11

Pitchers T P $M
Johnson, W. (1910) R P 10.08M
Johnson, R. (2001) L P 9.26M
Lolich, M. (1968) L P 4.93M
Smithson, M. (1983) R P 2.61M
Trout, D. (1940) R P .58M
Witasick, J. (2002) R P 2.60M
Rogers, K. (1989) L P 1.43M
Littell, M. (1978) R P 1.03M
Hassler, A. (1982) L P .94M
Kern, J. (1977) R P .77M
Hitters B P $M
Tebbetts, B. (1940) R C 2.03M
Dooin, R. (1906) R C .86M
Anderson, J. (1901) S 1B 3.70M
Perconte, J. (1984) L 2B .96M
Backman, W. (1984) S 2B .74M
Gleason, K. (1896) S 2B .59M
Zimmerman, H. (1912) R 3B 6.38M
Patek, F. (1971) R SS 1.70M
Ward, J. (1889) L SS .91M
Hafey, C. (1929) R LF 7.47M
Erstad, D. (2000) L LF 7.39M
Cobb, T. (1911) L CF 11.41M
Hanlon, N. (1889) L CF .55M
Hinske, E. (2008) L RF .83M
Roster Total 79.75M
Cash .01M
Total Value 79.76M

Baltimore Barney Streets (87-75)
Busch Stadium 1999

Pitchers T P $M
Adams, B. (1909) R P 8.81M
Martinez, P. (1999) R P 8.12M
Richard, J. (1980) R P 6.67M
Swan, C. (1978) R P 5.36M
Decatur, A. (1924) R P 1.01M
Leal, L. (1985) R P .50M
McMahon, D. (1957) R P 2.76M
Urbina, U. (2003) R P 1.81M
Jackson, M. (1997) R P 1.75M
Hitters B P $M
Dempsey, R. (1978) R C 1.03M
Orsino, J. (1962) R C .59M
Burns, G. (1929) R 1B .50M
Richardson, B. (1964) R 2B 1.53M
Boswell, K. (1969) L 2B .59M
Egan, D. (1911) R 2B .54M
Cabrera, M. (2012) R 3B 7.05M
Molitor, P. (1988) R 3B 4.50M
Cardenas, L. (1974) R 3B .56M
Renteria, E. (1997) R SS 1.03M
Groat, D. (1964) R SS .56M
Kiner, R. (1950) R LF 6.64M
Whisenton, L. (1982) L LF .53M
Dimaggio, J. (1937) R CF 9.67M
Clemente, R. (1967) R RF 7.86M
Roster Total 79.97M
Cash .03M
Total Value 80.00M

Bayswater Glides (77-85)
Fenway Park '78

Pitchers T P $M
Seaver, T. (1975) R P 8.83M
Maloney, J. (1963) R P 6.72M
Antonelli, J. (1956) L P 6.44M
Stottlemyre, M. (1973) R P 5.37M
Cheney, T. (1960) R P .72M
Kirby, C. (1975) R P .55M
McDaniel, L. (1965) R P 2.36M
Larsen, D. (1963) R P 1.75M
Hamilton, S. (1963) L P 1.60M
Worrell, T. (1987) R P 1.28M
Hitters B P $M
Navarro, D. (2008) S C 2.57M
Archer, J. (1911) R C 1.59M
Terry, B. (1927) L 1B 4.90M
Herr, T. (1987) S 2B 1.39M
Clarke, H. (1970) S 2B .50M
McDougald, G. (1953) R 3B 2.80M
Ryan, B. (1934) R 3B .50M
Aybar, W. (2008) S 3B .50M
Crosetti, F. (1939) R SS 2.39M
Bragan, B. (1940) R SS .50M
Clarke, F. (1897) L LF 5.75M
Berra, Y. (1961) L LF 1.69M
Mitchell, K. (1986) R LF 1.48M
McCutchen, A. (2013) R CF 8.75M
Ott, M. (1929) L RF 9.05M
Roster Total 79.98M
Cash .02M
Total Value 80.00M

Dennis Bombers (72-90)
Minute Maid Field '05

Pitchers T P $M
Hughson, T. (1943) R P 3.62M
Figueroa, E. (1978) R P 3.42M
Sanderson, S. (1980) R P 2.69M
Kennedy, B. (1899) R P 2.50M
Maxwell, B. (1911) R P .91M
Gossage, G. (1978) R P 3.44M
Smith, L. (1991) R P 1.65M
Worthington, A. (1965) R P 1.22M
Honeycutt, R. (1988) L P .91M
Brusstar, W. (1977) R P .68M
Hitters B P $M
Munson, T. (1977) R C 4.75M
Kennedy, T. (1985) L C .84M
Greenberg, H. (1940) R 1B 7.98M
Scales, T. (NeL) R 2B 6.51M
Alomar Sr., S. (1970) S 2B .70M
Rhyne, H. (1927) R 2B .70M
Beckwith, J. (NeL) R 3B 9.81M
Rizzuto, P. (1941) R SS 2.25M
Belle, A. (1998) R LF 7.20M
Bonnell, B. (1984) R LF 1.06M
Mitchell, D. (1954) L LF .97M
Litwhiler, D. (1944) R LF .82M
Wilson, H. (1929) R CF 6.58M
Wagner, H. (1900) R RF 6.55M
Roster Total 77.76M
Cash .02M
Total Value 77.78M

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