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LEAGUE: Auto League 456945

Player Set: 2020 season Imagined
Skill Level: Standard
Draft type: Auto List Draft
Salary Cap: $80,000,000
FA Drop Penalty: 5/10/20% [?]
DH Rule: yes
Waivers: yes
Super-Advanced Injuries: off (?)
Postseason Format: 2 rounds: Best-of-7, Best-of-7
Opening Day: Tuesday, Oct. 5, 2021
Managers may own multiple teams: no

This is an automatically-generated league into which managers selecting the "Join an Auto League" option are automatically placed.

East Division

The Dumpster Fires (92-67)
Sahlen Field 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Lynn, L. R P 6.12M
Glasnow, T. R P 4.71M
Peterson, D. L P 4.44M
Scherzer, M. R P 4.29M
Alcantara, S. R P 2.14M
Urena, J. R P .51M
Green, C. R P 5.43M
Hand, B. L P 5.00M
McGee, J. L P 2.88M
Familia, J. R P 1.91M
Smith, W. L P 1.55M
Hitters B P $M
Molina, Y. R C 2.09M
Heineman, T. S C .50M
Belt, B. L 1B 6.97M
Kendrick, H. R 1B .98M
Arraez, L. L 2B 2.35M
Castro, S.  I R 2B .56M
Turner, J. R 3B 4.41M
Urias, L. R 3B 1.56M
Arcia, O. R SS 2.02M
Newman, K. R SS .50M
Mcneil, J. L LF 4.44M
Brantley, M. L LF 3.99M
Straw, M. R CF 1.76M
Taveras, L. S CF 1.40M
Verdugo, A. L RF 6.77M
Roster Total 79.28M
Cash .01M
Total Value 79.29M

Gehenna's Godly Rogues (83-76)
Great Amer. Bpk 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Gray, S. R P 6.58M
Singer, B. R P 1.33M
Graveman, K. R P 1.22M
Manaea, S. L P .96M
Anderson, B. L P .93M
Wright, K. R P .53M
Pomeranz, D. L P 3.73M
Soria, J. R P 3.33M
Hoyt, J. R P 2.57M
Cole, A. R P 2.31M
Soto, G. L P 2.00M
Hitters B P $M
Barnhart, T. L C 3.30M
Tromp, C. R C .74M
Hosmer, E. L 1B 5.02M
Davidson, M. R 1B .71M
Albies, O. S 2B 6.29M
Moustakas, M. L 2B 3.20M
Devers, R. L 3B 4.42M
Bogaerts, X. R SS 5.31M
Velazquez, A. S SS .50M
Soto, J. L LF 9.98M
Rosario, E. L LF 3.86M
Pham, T. R LF 1.57M
Luplow, J. R LF 1.27M
Acuna Jr., R. R CF 8.23M
Roster Total 79.89M
Cash .05M
Total Value 79.94M

Cayucos Beach Bums XVX (78-81)
Coors Field 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Woodruff, B. R P 6.39M
Burnes, C. R P 5.00M
Flaherty, J. R P 4.43M
Lindblom, J. R P 1.80M
Yarbrough, R. L P .96M
Diaz, E. R P 4.43M
Karinchak, J. R P 3.14M
Ferguson, C. L P 2.14M
Harper, R. R P .78M
Coonrod, S. R P .58M
Osich, J. L P .57M
Webb, T. L P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Higashioka, K. R C 1.79M
Nottingham, J. R C 1.41M
Cronenworth, J. L 2B 6.77M
Hechavarria, A. R 2B .97M
Chisholm, J. L 2B .55M
Machado, M. R 3B 9.99M
Young, A. R 3B 4.30M
Gregorius, D. L SS 4.69M
Gurriel Jr., L. R LF 4.78M
Allen, G.  I S LF 1.40M
Conforto, M. L RF 8.65M
Brinson, L. R RF 1.14M
Bishop, B. R RF .75M
Roster Total 77.91M
Cash .01M
Total Value 77.92M

Continental Dragoons (70-89)
Citi Field 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Gausman, K. R P 5.14M
Hill, R. L P 4.17M
Carrasco, C. R P 2.93M
Morton, C. R P 1.60M
Fleming, J. L P 1.44M
Gallegos, G. R P 4.00M
Taylor, B. L P 2.00M
Ottavino, A. R P .74M
Misiewicz, A. L P .53M
Morgan, A. L P .50M
Middleton, K. R P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Perez, S. R C 6.73M
Mathis, J. R C .50M
Goldschmidt, P. R 1B 10.17M
Strange-Gordon, D. L 2B .50M
Urshela, G. R 3B 5.93M
Mayfield, J. R 3B .50M
Anderson, T. R SS 3.84M
Castro, W. S SS 3.38M
Gonzalez, E. R SS .89M
Espinal, S. R SS .73M
Arozarena, R. R LF 6.09M
Mountcastle, R. R LF 2.73M
Trout, M. R CF 11.14M
Dyson, J. L CF .50M
Roster Total 77.18M
Cash .53M
Total Value 77.71M

Central Division

Melbourne Fire Frogs (90-69)
Tropicana Field 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Darvish, Y. R P 6.95M
Lopez, P. R P 4.83M
Marquez, G. R P 4.56M
Happ, J. L P 3.23M
Sheffield, J. L P 2.40M
Javier, C. R P .90M
Holland, D. L P .50M
Smith, B. R P 3.43M
Dayton, G. L P 2.31M
Cabrera, G. L P 2.00M
Trivino, L. R P 1.82M
Pagan, E. R P 1.82M
Kolarek, A. L P 1.56M
Hitters B P $M
Severino, P. R C 1.17M
Viloria, M. L C .94M
Smith, D. L 1B 6.44M
Guillorme, L. L 2B 3.01M
Flores, W. R 2B 2.14M
Kiner-Falefa, I. R 3B 1.81M
Castro, H. L 3B .91M
Iglesias, J. R SS 4.30M
Farmer, K. R SS 1.07M
Ozuna, M. R LF 8.29M
Munoz, Y. R LF 1.40M
Reyes, V. S CF 2.75M
Mullins, C. S CF 1.92M
Heredia, G. R CF 1.21M
Blackmon, C. L RF 3.94M
Roster Total 77.61M
Cash 1.12M
Total Value 78.73M

Florissant Punks (84-75)
Busch Stadium 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Cole, G. R P 7.85M
Maeda, K. R P 7.33M
Plesac, Z. R P 4.86M
Valdez, F. L P 3.20M
Gomber, A. L P 2.80M
Britton, Z. L P 3.73M
Wendelken, J. R P 2.40M
Wisler, M. R P 2.38M
Santana, D. R P 1.55M
Bleier, R. L P 1.44M
Alcala, J. R P .51M
Hitters B P $M
Maldonado, M. R C 2.81M
Torrens, L. R C .56M
Votto, J. L 1B 4.04M
Cabrera, A. S 1B 2.00M
Kipnis, J.  I L 2B 2.71M
Panik, J.  I L 2B .61M
Diaz, Y. R 3B 3.77M
Crawford, B. L SS 2.00M
Pollock, A. R LF 3.00M
Laureano, R. R CF 3.79M
Marisnick, J. R CF 2.52M
Harper, B. L RF 8.85M
Markakis, N. L RF .69M
Stanton, G. R DH 4.12M
Roster Total 79.52M
Cash .48M
Total Value 80.00M

Akron Zips (64-95)
Petco Park 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Buehler, W. R P 6.51M
Houck, T. R P 5.25M
Gonzales, M. L P 4.17M
McKenzie, T. R P 3.23M
Quantrill, C. R P 1.67M
Stripling, R. R P .69M
Williams, D. R P 5.43M
Diekman, J. L P 3.86M
Heuer, C. R P 3.71M
Scott, T. L P 3.00M
Garcia, J. L P 2.80M
May, T. R P 2.46M
Hitters B P $M
Wolters, T. L C .96M
Leon, S. S C .50M
Smith, P. L 1B 2.67M
Berti, J. R 2B 2.15M
Franco, M. R 3B 3.53M
Robertson, D. R SS 3.16M
Andrus, E. R SS .50M
Stevenson, A. L LF 4.28M
Tauchman, M. L LF 2.89M
Choo, S. L LF 1.63M
Hicks, A. S CF 4.67M
Grichuk, R. R CF 2.49M
Hays, A. R CF .93M
Roster Total 73.14M
Cash .68M
Total Value 73.82M

Muskingum Fighting Muskie (62-97)
Coors Field 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Lamet, D. R P 7.55M
Giolito, L. R P 6.27M
Wheeler, Z. R P 5.75M
Hendricks, K. R P 5.71M
Lorenzen, M. R P 3.87M
Luzardo, J. L P 1.67M
Iglesias, R. R P 4.86M
Peralta, W. L P .96M
Cimber, A. R P .65M
Knebel, C. R P .58M
Cordero, J. R P .53M
Brice, A. R P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Narvaez, O.  I L C 2.14M
Garneau, D. R C .50M
Walker, C. R 1B 6.24M
Biggio, C. L 2B 4.89M
Kingery, S. R 2B .50M
Anderson, B. R 3B 5.47M
Riley, A. R 3B .98M
Turner, T. R SS 8.58M
Calhoun, W. L LF .50M
Bonifacio, J. R LF .50M
Bader, H. R CF 5.20M
Lewis, K. R CF 2.60M
Martinez, J. R RF 1.89M
Roster Total 78.89M
Cash 1.11M
Total Value 80.00M

West Division

Greenville Crossbones (90-69)
Busch Stadium 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Fried, M. L P 5.00M
Mahle, T. R P 4.22M
Kim, K. L P 3.87M
Pineda, M. R P 3.73M
Musgrove, J. R P 2.92M
Montas, F. R P .64M
Anderson, N. R P 5.86M
Ramirez, E. R P 4.50M
Slegers, A. R P 3.08M
Thielbar, C. L P 2.80M
Hernandez, J. R P 2.40M
Hitters B P $M
Barnes, A. R C 2.05M
Gallagher, C. R C 1.67M
Walsh, J. L 1B 5.00M
Lopez, N. L 2B 2.72M
Gonzalez, M. S 2B 1.67M
Kemp, T. L 2B 1.14M
Alberto, H. R 2B .89M
Camargo, J. S 2B .67M
Arenado, N. R 3B 4.17M
Swanson, D. R SS 4.79M
Tucker, K. L LF 5.78M
Haggerty, S. S LF .70M
Locastro, T. R CF 4.48M
Margot, M. R CF 2.54M
Garcia, A. R CF 1.94M
Robles, V. R CF .73M
Roster Total 79.96M
Cash .04M
Total Value 80.00M

Death Valley Stormtroopers (84-75)
Oracle Park 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Bieber, S. R P 7.74M
Kremer, D. R P 1.73M
May, D. R P 1.70M
Snell, B. L P .96M
Walker, T. R P .94M
Pearson, N. R P .86M
Hader, J. L P 5.00M
Garcia, Y. R P 2.92M
Graterol, B. R P 2.67M
Hunter, T. R P 1.88M
Raley, B. L P 1.55M
Hitters B P $M
Smith, W. R C 6.86M
Butera, D. R C .73M
Madrigal, N. R 2B .96M
Estrada, T. R 2B .76M
Rios, E. L 3B 4.34M
Miller, B. L 3B 2.98M
Evans, P. R 3B .95M
Seager, C. L SS 5.02M
Garcia, L. S SS .95M
Winker, J. L LF 3.31M
Bellinger, C. L CF 9.18M
Grisham, T. L CF 8.12M
Slater, A. R RF 2.06M
Joyce, M. L RF .83M
Roster Total 75.00M
Cash .05M
Total Value 75.05M

Manhasset Storm (83-76)
Yankee Stadium 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Dobnak, R. R P 3.33M
Gray, J. R P 1.90M
Gibson, K. R P .99M
Kikuchi, Y. L P .89M
Paddack, C. R P .83M
Alexander, T. L P .60M
Finnegan, K. R P 2.80M
Andriese, M. R P 2.77M
Bard, D. R P 2.38M
Hearn, T. L P 2.00M
Beeks, J. L P .81M
Detwiler, R. L P .80M
Hitters B P $M
Grandal, Y. S C 5.02M
Zunino, M. R C 1.20M
Freeman, F. L 1B 11.91M
Lowe, B. L 2B 8.59M
Villar, J. S 2B .50M
Ramirez, J. S 3B 8.98M
Escobar, E. S 3B .50M
Baez, J. R SS 2.91M
Duvall, A. R LF 4.69M
Dickerson, A. L LF 1.71M
Bradley Jr., J. L CF 5.48M
Duggar, S. L RF .50M
Cruz, N. R DH 5.60M
Roster Total 77.69M
Cash .02M
Total Value 77.71M

Beaverhead Bees (74-85)
Guarnt. Rate Fld 2020

Pitchers T P $M
Smyly, D. L P 4.14M
Davies, Z. R P 3.73M
McCullers Jr., L. R P 3.33M
Garcia, D. R P 2.00M
Wainwright, A. R P 1.90M
Webb, L. R P 1.22M
Ponce De Leon, D. R P 1.00M
Pressly, R. R P 3.08M
Peralta, F. R P 2.71M
Matzek, T. L P 2.40M
Workman, B. R P .50M
Allen, L. L P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Nola, A. R C 4.23M
Diaz, E. R C 1.02M
Segura, J. R 2B 4.52M
Mcmahon, R. L 2B 2.34M
Hampson, G. R 2B .98M
Moncada, Y. S 3B 3.79M
Edman, T. S 3B 2.13M
Story, T. R SS 8.43M
Valaika, P. R SS .83M
Jimenez, E. R LF 5.02M
Schwarber, K. L LF 3.00M
Hilliard, S. L LF 1.48M
Yastrzemski, M. L RF 8.38M
Hernandez, T. R RF 2.98M
Roster Total 75.64M
Cash .21M
Total Value 75.85M

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