LEAGUE: Auto League 456990

Player Set: 1986 season
Skill Level: Standard
Draft type: Auto List Draft
Salary Cap: $80,000,000
Salary Floor: none
FA Drop Penalty: 5/10/20% [?]
DH Rule: yes
Waivers: yes
Postseason Format: 2 rounds: Best-of-7, Best-of-7
Opening Day: Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021
Managers may own multiple teams: no

This is an automatically-generated league into which managers selecting the "Join an Auto League" option are automatically placed.

East Division

Skid Row (98-64)
County Stadium '86

Pitchers T P $M
Rhoden, R. R P 7.01M
Boyd, O. R P 5.35M
Clancy, J. R P 5.00M
Gullickson, B. R P 3.10M
Hesketh, J. L P .50M
Henke, T. R P 5.65M
Clear, M. R P 3.66M
Leiper, D. L P 1.27M
Crawford, S. R P .50M
Sambito, J. L P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Lowry, D.  I L C 3.47M
Martinez, B. R C .50M
Chambliss, C. L 1B 3.18M
Martinez, C. R 1B 1.53M
Hill, D. S 2B 1.69M
Boggs, W. L 3B 10.05M
Beniquez, J. R 3B 3.54M
Franco, J. R SS 4.76M
Rice, J. R LF 6.39M
Hatcher, M. R LF .92M
Davidson, M. R LF .50M
Dykstra, L. L CF 7.67M
Clark, D. L RF 2.33M
Landrum, T. R RF .50M
Roster Total 79.57M
Cash .07M
Total Value 79.64M

Dancing on the Ceiling (86-76)
Fenway Park '86

Pitchers T P $M
Clemens, R. R P 11.25M
Rasmussen, D. L P 6.16M
Gubicza, M. R P 3.60M
Lynch, E. R P 3.05M
Davis, S. R P 1.60M
Williams, F. R P 4.28M
Plesac, D. L P 2.95M
DiPino, F. L P 1.11M
Gumpert, D. R P .65M
Lapoint, D. L P .64M
Hitters B P $M
Sundberg, J. R C 1.26M
Simmons, T. S C .90M
Mazzilli, L. S 1B 5.05M
Balboni, S. R 1B 1.76M
Barrett, M. R 2B 4.69M
Grich, B. R 2B 1.99M
Lopes, D. R 3B 6.41M
Madlock, B. R 3B 1.43M
Trammell, A. R SS 7.04M
Gagne, G. R SS 1.26M
Cruz, J. L LF 2.86M
Coleman, V. S LF .54M
Wilson, W. S CF 1.30M
Evans, D. R RF 8.22M
Roster Total 80.00M
Cash .00M
Total Value 80.00M

ARIZONA 86'ers (81-81)
Kingdome '86

Pitchers T P $M
King, E. R P 4.08M
Show, E. R P 3.10M
Garrelts, S. R P 2.75M
Sebra, B. R P 2.49M
Power, T. R P 1.60M
Eichhorn, M. R P 5.51M
Johnson, J. L P 3.31M
Minton, G. R P .87M
Gossage, G. R P .71M
Winn, J. R P .66M
Speck, C. R P .65M
Hitters B P $M
Porter, D. L C 4.32M
Sheets, L. L C 1.56M
Heath, M. R C .57M
Hrbek, K. L 1B 5.36M
Kingman, D. R 1B .66M
Sax, S. R 2B 7.10M
Schmidt, M. R 3B 11.05M
Wohlford, J. R 3B .62M
Ripken Jr., C. R SS 7.88M
Kittle, R. R LF 2.36M
Palmeiro, R. L LF .50M
Murphy, D. R CF 7.98M
Brunansky, T. R RF 1.52M
Roster Total 77.21M
Cash .16M
Total Value 77.37M

Halifax Vikings (65-97)
Olympic Stadium '86

Pitchers T P $M
Knepper, B. L P 5.70M
Ruffin, B. L P 5.04M
Tewksbury, B. R P 1.59M
Sutcliffe, R. R P .94M
Maddux, G. R P .50M
Tekulve, K. R P 3.74M
Quisenberry, D. R P 1.42M
Sisk, D. R P .84M
Burke, T. R P .83M
Holland, A. L P .71M
Niemann, R. L P .52M
Hitters B P $M
Dempsey, R. R C 1.20M
Bailey, M. S C .50M
Johnson, C. R 1B 2.79M
Thompson, J. L 1B 1.30M
Bergman, D. L 1B .58M
Phillips, T. S 2B 2.16M
Espinoza, A. R 2B .94M
Russell, B. R 2B .50M
Newman, A. S 2B .50M
Perconte, J. L 2B .50M
Cey, R. R 3B 5.68M
Burleson, R. R 3B 2.50M
Pecota, B. R 3B .59M
Raines, T. S LF 10.43M
Downing, B. R LF 6.48M
Gladden, D. R CF 2.60M
Deer, R. R RF 5.34M
Roster Total 66.42M
Cash 1.07M
Total Value 67.49M

Central Division

Sooner Spartans (90-72)
Fulton Cnty Stdm '86

Pitchers T P $M
Blyleven, B. R P 4.47M
Darling, R. R P 4.30M
Sutton, D. R P 4.05M
Deshaies, J. L P 1.91M
Aguilera, R. R P 1.00M
Bedrosian, S. R P 2.26M
Snell, N. R P 1.64M
Hume, T. R P 1.28M
Schatzeder, D. L P 1.18M
Powell, D. L P .99M
Howell, J. R P .90M
Hitters B P $M
Carter, G. R C 4.25M
Sullivan, M. R C .50M
Murray, E. S 1B 5.48M
Thomas, G. R 1B .58M
Randolph, W. R 2B 4.63M
Aguayo, L. R 2B 1.01M
Brett, G. L 3B 7.73M
Brooks, H. R SS 9.25M
Matthews, G. R LF 2.09M
Henderson, R. R CF 7.93M
Henderson, D. R CF 3.69M
Mumphrey, J. S CF 3.64M
Davis, M. L RF 4.27M
Roster Total 79.03M
Cash .22M
Total Value 79.25M

Cranberry TWIB (77-85)
Cleveland Stadium '86

Pitchers T P $M
Gooden, D. R P 7.63M
Cox, D. R P 5.01M
Downs, K. R P 4.70M
McGaffigan, A. R P 3.45M
Andujar, J. R P 1.13M
Saberhagen, B. R P .97M
Reuss, J. L P .50M
Horton, R. L P 4.59M
Worrell, T. R P 1.83M
Dawley, B. R P 1.17M
Schmidt, D. R P .80M
Hitters B P $M
Whitt, E. L C 2.41M
Melvin, B. R C .95M
Garvey, S. R 1B 1.17M
Flannery, T. L 2B 3.33M
Buechele, S. R 3B 1.49M
Fletcher, S. R SS 3.67M
Uribe, J. S SS .85M
Daniels, K. L LF 6.53M
Carter, J. R LF 6.39M
Bosley, T. L LF .69M
Barfield, J. R RF 10.07M
Gibson, K. L RF 6.09M
Incaviglia, P. R RF 1.33M
Roster Total 76.75M
Cash .01M
Total Value 76.76M

Gashouse Gorillas (77-85)
Olympic Stadium '86

Pitchers T P $M
Ojeda, B. L P 8.77M
Witt, M. R P 8.26M
Valenzuela, F. L P 7.90M
Candiotti, T. R P 4.03M
Patterson, B. L P .50M
Boever, J. R P .66M
Havens, B. L P .65M
Ladd, P. R P .63M
Fisher, B. R P .50M
Clutterbuck, B. R P .50M
Hitters B P $M
Pena, T. R C 4.80M
Boone, B. R C .65M
Mattingly, D. L 1B 11.48M
Whitaker, L. L 2B 7.33M
Lee, M. S 2B .50M
Jacoby, B. R 3B 3.23M
Garner, P. R 3B 1.17M
Guillen, O. L SS .57M
Duncan, M. S SS .56M
Webster, M. S CF 4.66M
McDowell, O. L CF 4.15M
Wilson, G. R RF 5.93M
Hall, M. L RF 2.02M
Nichols, R. R RF .50M
Roster Total 79.95M
Cash .05M
Total Value 80.00M

NH Seagulls (71-91)
Olympic Stadium '86

Pitchers T P $M
Higuera, T. L P 5.34M
Lacoss, M. R P 4.56M
Young, C. L P 4.07M
Allen, N. R P 3.60M
Bannister, F. L P 2.82M
Leonard, D. R P .67M
Murphy, R. L P 7.07M
Thigpen, B. R P 6.26M
Farr, S. R P 3.29M
Franco, J. L P 2.39M
Howell, K. R P 1.11M
Hitters B P $M
Ortiz, J. R C 4.78M
Diaz, B. R C 2.47M
Robidoux, B. L 1B .94M
Larkin, B. R 2B 1.97M
Oquendo, J. S 2B 1.01M
Roberts, B. S 2B .77M
Rowdon, W. R 2B .59M
Parrish, L. R 3B 3.69M
Johnson, H. S 3B 1.54M
Kruk, J. L LF 5.49M
Roenicke, R. S LF 3.43M
Smith, L. R LF 1.67M
Baker, D. R LF .59M
Walker, C. S CF 1.41M
Nixon, O. S CF 1.19M
Tartabull, D. R RF 2.70M
Thornton, A. R DH 1.06M
Roster Total 76.48M
Cash 1.17M
Total Value 77.65M

West Division

Clipper City Loose Cannons (100-62)
Kingdome '86

Pitchers T P $M
Welch, B. R P 6.10M
Youmans, F. R P 5.54M
Hershiser, O. R P 5.38M
Portugal, M. R P 1.61M
Wright, R. L P .62M
Woodward, R. R P .50M
Davis, M. L P 3.52M
Aase, D. R P 3.15M
Scurry, R. L P .99M
Berenguer, J. R P .65M
Hitters B P $M
Daulton, D. L C 5.32M
Tettleton, M. S C 1.78M
Davis, G. R 1B 7.04M
Oester, R.  I S 2B 1.71M
Pagliarulo, M. L 3B 4.28M
Hulett, T. R 3B .82M
Thon, D. R SS 1.30M
Santana, R. R SS .50M
Pasqua, D. L LF 8.09M
Grubb, J. L LF 7.20M
Braggs, G. R LF .64M
Lynn, F. L CF 6.84M
Hatcher, B. R CF 1.03M
Bryant, R. L RF 5.24M
Roster Total 79.85M
Cash .15M
Total Value 80.00M

Keith & Eric Arkinals™ (92-70)
Busch Stadium '86

Pitchers T P $M
DeLeon, J. R P 6.07M
Ryan, N. R P 4.93M
Honeycutt, R. L P 4.61M
Candelaria, J. L P 4.14M
Mathews, G. L P .94M
Smith, L. R P 3.97M
Finley, C. L P 2.37M
Kerfeld, C. R P 2.23M
Lefferts, C. L P 1.85M
Andersen, L. R P .64M
Hitters B P $M
Lake, S. R C 1.32M
Wynegar, B. S C .88M
Hernandez, K. L 1B 9.34M
Davis, A. L 1B 2.23M
Hendrick, G. R 1B 1.29M
Herr, T. S 2B 2.04M
Walling, D. L 3B 7.08M
Trillo, M. R 3B 2.92M
Smith, O. S SS 7.12M
Templeton, G. S SS .65M
Davis, E. R LF 9.93M
McGee, W. S CF 1.85M
Ford, C. L RF 1.08M
Hall, A. S RF .50M
Roster Total 79.98M
Cash .02M
Total Value 80.00M

Grant Mountaineers (72-90)
Wrigley Field '86

Pitchers T P $M
McCaskill, K. R P 5.46M
Hurst, B. L P 5.22M
Haas, M. R P 5.13M
Browning, T. L P 3.88M
Tibbs, J. R P 1.43M
Pena, A. R P .70M
Lucas, G. L P 3.87M
Anderson, R. R P 3.73M
Garber, G. R P 3.09M
Bair, D. R P 1.74M
Hitters B P $M
Davis, J. R C 3.81M
Laudner, T. R C 1.46M
Horner, B. R 1B 3.76M
Bernazard, T. S 2B 4.81M
Pendleton, T. S 3B .67M
Schofield, D. R SS 5.05M
Concepcion, D. R SS 1.05M
Bell, G. R LF 7.10M
Canseco, J. R LF 2.55M
Pettis, G. S CF 3.09M
Dernier, B. R CF .92M
Parker, D. L RF 5.19M
Snyder, C. R RF 3.38M
Jackson, R. L RF 1.04M
Roster Total 78.13M
Cash .15M
Total Value 78.28M

Nyc Betboothinc.com (63-99)
Riverfront Stdm '86

Pitchers T P $M
Scott, M. R P 10.92M
Tudor, J. L P 4.44M
Palmer, D. R P 3.65M
Leibrandt, C. L P 1.87M
Carlton, S. L P .50M
Nielsen, S. R P .50M
Righetti, D. L P 4.52M
McDowell, R. R P 3.47M
Harris, G. R P 1.54M
Shirley, B. L P .65M
Hitters B P $M
Hassey, R. L C 5.95M
Lavalliere, M. L C .99M
Tabler, P. R 1B 4.00M
Jones, T. R 1B 1.82M
Sandberg, R. R 2B 7.99M
Backman, W. S 2B 2.30M
Knight, R. R 3B 2.28M
Lawless, T. R 3B .50M
Fernandez, T. S SS 8.87M
Sierra, R. S LF 2.30M
Easler, M. L LF 1.89M
Boston, D. L CF 3.03M
Washington, C. L RF 3.83M
Leach, R. L RF 1.48M
Roster Total 79.29M
Cash .08M
Total Value 79.37M

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