New Baseball draft list flexibility
On Tuesday we rolled out a change to the Auto List Draft process to allow more flexibility in your initial Baseball 365 team construction. Specifically, we have made the draft list size requirements match that of each player set's in-season roster size requirements. E.g. instead of having to put exactly 25 players on your list, you may have up to 28 (and as few as 24 for all sets besides 2018 (25) and 1982/'80s (23)).

If you've joined a league that hasn't filled up yet, you may of course
pull your team out to make any changes allowed by the new rules, if you wish.

Team Schedule: Madtown Frito Banditos

Game Date Opponent Box Starter Headline Watch
Semi-Finals Game 1 Mon, 10/22 @ Putzes L 6-1 Perry, G.* (R)
Semi-Finals Game 2 Mon, 10/22 @ Putzes W 4-0 Carlton, S.* (L)
Semi-Finals Game 3 Tue, 10/23 Putzes W 12-4 Andujar, J. (R)
Semi-Finals Game 4 Tue, 10/23 Putzes W 1-0 McGlothlin, J. (R)
  rest day
  rest day
Finals Game 1 Thu, 10/25 @ Bargain Bazaars W 3-1 Perry, G.* (R)
Finals Game 2 Thu, 10/25 @ Bargain Bazaars W 9-4 Carlton, S.* (L)
Finals Game 3 Fri, 10/26 Bargain Bazaars L 5-1 Andujar, J. (R)
Finals Game 4 Fri, 10/26 Bargain Bazaars L 9-3 McGlothlin, J. (R)
Finals Game 5 Sat, 10/27 Bargain Bazaars L 5-2 Perry, G.* (R)
Finals Game 6 Sun, 10/28 @ Bargain Bazaars W 7-3 Carlton, S.* (L)
Finals Game 7 Mon, 10/29 @ Bargain Bazaars W 10-4 Foster, A. (R)

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